How to care for wooden toys and furniture?

Wooden toys and furniture reflect the beauty of the natural material. They are a great addition to any interior and can last you a long time if properly cared for. Here are some tips for caring for wooden toys and furniture:

  • Wooden toys and furniture cannot withstand long exposure to moisture. Avoid placing them in an area of ​​high humidity, for example, near the bathroom. Also, avoid placing it too close to heaters. This can lead to the deformation of the product.
  • It is important to regularly clean wooden surfaces. You can use a soft cloth or tissue to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using coarse abrasive materials that can scratch the wooden surface.
  • If, after all, it so happened that the toy got wet, it should be dried at room temperature, away from heating devices and without using a hair dryer. The liquid must be removed from the surface of the furniture as soon as possible.
  • The tables and chairs are covered with furniture varnish. The traces from pencils, children's paints, or felt tip pens can be removed with soap and a wet rag, or with a chlorine-free multipurpose cleaner. Then all surfaces must be wiped clean.

Remember that natural materials require appropriate care. If you follow these recommendations, your wooden toys and furniture will delight you with their beauty and quality for many years.