Interior of the nurseries. What is trending today?

In 2024 the trends are expected to shift from exotic tropical and safari themes (good buy Lion King) to woods and meadows.  These topics give more freedom of colour choice and self-expression. Moreover, they are more gender-neutral.
Walls turn into murals.

Hand-painted murals along with leafy textile prints are conquering the market. These natural motives give a lot of space for seasonal changes in the interior. For example, you can add some pumpkin-shaped pillows and burgundy blankets for the fall and holly and pine for the winter holidays.

Modern trends in furniture design.

Combining functionality with trends can be challenging, so how can it be done?

Compared to previous years, in 2024 trends allow for much more diversity than ever before. Even though serenity remains the most important aspect of this room, other features can help make it more personal without overpowering it.
First of all, the wallpapers have come back to life. As far as painted walls are concerned, they are still there but are now complemented by floral or vintage patterns and accents. High-quality rolls are expensive, but a square meter or two will create a charming accent without breaking the bank.

If your nursery is sunny, you can play with deeper shades of brown and green, especially sage green. Calm and sophisticated it suits toddlers and preschoolers. Moreover, in some years it can become a background for the bedroom of a teen.

Personalized interior design. Effective and affordable solutions.

A nursery is the space you will share with your child for some years to come. Before it becomes a private sanctuary covered in posters and totally refurbished, you are the one in charge of the initial design.

It is tempting to opt for a ready-made option and buy a trendy furniture set. Although this may seem an easy solution, some commercially successful designs are far from practicality and good taste. Popular safari theme may not meet the preferences and values of your family as many other mass-produced furniture sets. To tackle this issue we advise looking beyond the trending themes to a deeper level of children s interior design. The primary concept of a good nursery is safety. Pay more attention to the materials, not the flashy looks. Breech, plywood and water-based paints are the hallmarks of a good furniture set.

The next thing to consider is the theme or rather its absence. Thematic designs suppress the imagination and may be overwhelming in terms of a variety of complicated forms and colors. Soft lines and geometric shapes together with calm natural hues create a more welcoming atmosphere for imaginative play.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Modern Design in Your Children's Room

Modern design for children's rooms can blend contemporary aesthetics with timeless elements, creating spaces that are both stylish and functional. While minimalism is still trending on all the furniture exhibitions the old-money style is catching up. Wooden toys and classic brown teddies are becoming staples, offering a versatile approach to decorating. Here are some creative ways to incorporate modern design in your children's room:

Versatility is Key: One of the significant advantages of the old money style is its versatility. You don't need to incorporate every element to achieve the desired look. Mixing and matching modern pieces with vintage accessories can create a balanced and inviting space.

Wooden Furniture: For a girl's room, consider wooden furniture like a breech wood table and chairs with bear-shaped backs. This set is not only functional but also aligns perfectly with the theme. Adding vintage accessories such as pastel teddy prints in wooden frames and a patchwork blanket can make all the difference.

Nautical Themes for Boys: For a boy's room, you can use the same breech wood set but with blue-backed chairs to set the tone for a nautical theme. Incorporate elements like sailor stripes, anchors, and maritime motifs to complete the look.

Functional Decor: Choose decor that is both beautiful and functional. For example, use decorative baskets for storage, stylish rugs for play areas, and special standing shelves to display toys and books.

By thoughtfully utilizing these elements, you can create a nursery that is modern, stylish, and filled with character. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or the cosy charm of old money style, the key is to find a balance that suits your child's personality and needs.

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