Busy Boards: Boosting Skills Through Play

Apart from the well-known ability to work with coordination, the busy board can also be a source of imaginative play and help your child get a grasp on storytelling. Coherent speech is what we aim for when reading bedtime stories or playing with dolls. But a modern busy board can serve the same purpose. Nowadays,  these boards are more than a random set of objects with different sizes and textures, they are designed to introduce the world to your child. Be it space or nature, now your kid can create a story with the elements on the board or you can do it together. Play different scenarios, and explore the world all with one busy board.

Busy Boards: Developmental Benefits

Busy boards, also known as sensory or activity boards, are fantastic tools that can help your child to develop new skills faster, easier and, what is more important, safer. Not so long ago parents left kids to play with dried beans, marbles, and basically, anything that was thought to be good for small muscles or problem-solving. Those DIY toys, despite being affordable and easy to come across presented a serious health hazard. Luckily a solution was found. Now all the small objects that your toddler will be interested in touching, pulling and turning are fastened to the board, meaning no more ER visits with something stuck down their nose or swallowed. Moreover, the order and the choice of the elements on the board are not random, placing is designed to match the age of a child and promote certain types of movements in a specific pattern. All in all, busy boards are more than a modern fad, they offer a wide range of benefits, from improving fine motor skills to enhancing cognitive abilities without compromising on safety.

Typical Elements of the Board: An Overview

A typical busy board consists of various interactive elements such as buttons, latches, zippers, and beads. All of them are carefully polished, made of safe and sturdy materials and covered with water-based paint. These elements are designed to keep your toddler s sight, hearing and touch busy and engaged while exploring the board.

Supporting Early Learning: What Can Busy Parents Do?

Working moms and dads can create their busy boards using household items or purchase ready-made ones. Parents can support their toddler's early learning and development by incorporating colours, textures, and different activities.

One popular option is the Small Toddler Busy Board, measuring 34x44 cm in is a reliable source of fun and hands-on experience.

This toy allows for solo games and exploration of small motor skills. It's a much better alternative to allowing children to spend hours watching cartoons, even those labelled as educational.