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geometric shape puzzle
Wooden Geometric Shape Puzzle

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Wooden Wobble Balance Board with Labyrinth
Wooden Wobble Balance Board with Labyrinth

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Wooden Toys for Toddlers: Beyond Fashionable

Despite the plethora of new and flashy toys emerging in the market, wooden toys tend to sell out the fastest, and for good reason too. These tried-and-true classics have managed to retain their charm and value over time, making them a staple in any nursery. Moreover, supporters of the Montessori approach find toys made of wood more suitable for early childhood development techniques. The durability and timeless appeal of wooden toys are excellent reasons to purchase them for both your children and as a mindful present. These toys will give lots of quality playtime and stimulate the learning potential of children from an early age.

A Safe and Sound Option for Kids: Wooden Toys

Have you ever wondered about the magic of toys that are passed down for generations, bringing the same joy and excitement as they did decades ago? It's not just the collections of pristine Barbie dolls that have never been opened that hold this power. Rather, it's the enduring family heirlooms, often crafted from wood, that continue to enchant and delight young minds over time. If you're looking to establish a heart-warming tradition in your own family, consider investing in a wooden toy for your little one. Not only will it provide endless hours of entertainment, but it may also become a cherished keepsake and a new tradition in the family.

Wooden Toys: What to Choose for Your Baby?

At our store, we have a variety of toys for children aged 18 months and above. For instance lacing toys. While some may perceive these geometric or mushroom-shaped beads as mere decorations for the crib, they can eventually evolve into a fun plaything for kids. For those who are a bit older, we highly recommend our Montessori Wooden Puzzle, designed to aid in mastering the world of shapes and forms.Moreover, we offer Classical Wooden Stacking Toys in various colour schemes that can help broaden children's perception of the different hues present in the natural world. Our inventory is carefully crafted to meet the needs and interests of children. We do our best to ensure that all our products are safe, durable, and educational. So why not come visit us today and discover the perfect toy for your little ones?

Small Wooden Toys: Not That Small

A collocation “small toy” does not agree with the idea of child safety, or does it? First of all, let us reconsider the term small. In this age group, the toy that fits the hand but not the mouth is a small one. Small-sized toys bring about a lot of benefits like improving fine motor skills - the coordination between the muscles of the fingers palms and wrists. One example of this is a set of wooden mushrooms. This lacing toy consists of 10 realistic wooden figures of different shapes and sizes, from 5 to 7 cm long. While lacing the mushrooms on a cord a child contacts with 4 different types of wood: walnut, birch, maple, and ash covered with flaxseed oil.